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More International to Go with Two New National Pavilions in DenTech China 2017!


DenTech China 2017
More International to Go with Two New National Pavilions!
Dear industry professionals,
As the China leading international trade fair for the Dental Equipment and Products Manufacturing industry, DenTech China has always kept its strong international drawing power for the past two decades.
Last year, four pavilions were presented and initiated by the Association of German Dental Trade Manufacturers (VDDI), the American Dental Trade Alliance (DTA), the Korean Dental Industry Association (KDIA) and UBM Taiwan. And the exhibition achieved more international than ever!
This year, except for the extraordinary four pavilions above, two new pavilions, Swiss and Pakistani will join us and help make DenTech China 2017 more international than ever. Join us, and you are sure to look for more business!
As it’s commonly acknowledged, German is always famous for its preciseness and very fine work. Same in the Dental industry, the dental equipment and products also show their excellent workmanships to the world.
Since 2003, supported by BMWi, AUMA and VDDI, the German pavilion has successfully attended DenTech China for 14 years. This year, the pavilion will still present their new products, new technologies to visitors with variety of exhibitors.
With the organization of Dental Trade Alliance and the support of US. Consulate General Shanghai, the USA national pavilion has participated DenTech China for 6 years by now.
Consists of over 200 members of Alliance, the national pavilion will bring their high technology and long lasting products to meet with variety demands of different parties. Those of the most developed techniques from the USA will also be presented in DenTech China 2017.
South Korea is also a country that plays an important role in Asian dental industry as well.
Although South Korean pavilion has only joined DenTech China for 4 years, they have successfully presented the most professional and the latest dental products and technologies from the country. This year, as the fifth year of the pavilion’s participation, South Korea will continue to show their surprise to visitors.
Taiwan has a long development history in dental industry. For recent years, dental technology also witnessed a rapid growth in Taiwan area, which makes the area become a significant part of Asian professional dental field.
The Taiwan pavilion is supported by the UBM Taiwan. As leading exhibition company around the world, UBM will definitely help with the pavilion to present the most suitable and latest products in DenTech China 2017.
Supported by the Association of the Swiss Dental Industry (ASDI) , the Switzerland pavilion will participate the DenTech China for the first year in 2017.
As an important player in the European profession dental field , the pavilion will combine its own developed equipment together with the world’s latest dental technology , to present new trends to the visitors in DenTech China 2017.
In 2017, it’s also the first year that Pakistani pavilion participate in DenTech China.
Pakistan has seen an obvious development in dental industry these years. And with the globalization progress, the manufacturers, dealers and technicians also desire to brand their images in a more international platform. This year in DenTech China, the pavilion are sure to give visitors new availabilities.
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